Companies with foreign connections

Company Registry does not fit your need to search for companies that have connections to foreign countries. Either citizen of foreign country is partner in the company or company registered somewhere else owns it.
In this case you need to search with Scraped Database.

For example, if you want to search for companies connected with Egypt, go to:

Search partners, directors, etc

in the search field: Nationality

type: ეგვიპტე in Georgian, or in English: Egypt (don’t forget to remove check from  Georgian Keyboard checkbox)

and press “Search” button

*Please note that the database is not updated and here you can not find  the latest information.

the database will generate the list of Citizens of Egypt:

by clicking on each of them you will be directed to the list of companies connected to that particular person.

study results properly, in details.

Think, what they tell you.

Here you will see Person’s ID number.

On the left side click on the name of the company:

next, you will see the list of persons somehow connected to that company, according to Company Registry database.

If you click on the right side the link Documentation you will see the document from Company Registry. Save Company and Person ID numbers and use them to find updated information on Company Registry website.